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Packages + Pricing

The packages and prices listed on this page are a guide only and are provided to give you an overview of what to expect. They outline the standard inclusions as well as a “from” price. If you want to work with me on your new website I will provide a proposal of work based on your unique needs and requirements using one of the Packages below as a starting point.

Why are the prices “from”? This is because no two websites are the same, even when taking out a package. Two people needing a “Full Website” may have very different amounts of content to include, design required or functionality to add. This is why a discovery call to go over what you need is important.

Inclusions and prices are subject to change and will be confirmed in your proposal.

Packages & Pricing current as of: September 2021
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    The "get it done quick" service

    Website Intensive Day

    Perfect if you want to get online quickly. When you book a website intensive day you’re booking my time, not a specific set of deliverables.
    Time to launch: Approximately 1-3 weeks from booking with 1 day intensive


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    Got questions or want to know how a Website Intensive Day could work for you? Book a free chat.

    The "I need to get online" package

    Starter Website

    Perfect if you want to get online quickly, especially if you are just starting out. Features all of the pages you will need to get started.
    Time to launch: Approximately 4 weeks from project kickoff


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    The "I need a professional website" package

    Full Website

    Perfect if you need a full website including a blog and extra pages to cover all aspects of your business.
    Time to launch: Approximately 6 weeks from project kickoff


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    The "I need my program launched" package

    Course or Membership Website

    Perfect if you need to get your website launched with an online course or membership program.
    Time to launch: Approximately 8 weeks from project kickoff


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    The "I need my shop online" package

    E-commerce Website

    Perfect if you need to sell products, digital or physical, online.
    Time to launch: Approximately 8 weeks from project kickoff


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    The "I need something custom" project

    Custom Website

    Sometimes what you need doesn’t fit into a neat box. So if you have a unique idea, or need to combine aspects from multiple packages, let’s have a chat and work out your custom project requirements.

    What else do you need?


    Perfect if you need to add some extra features or functionality to your website.
    The following can be added to any package.
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    Don't forget the tech!

    Website Care + Hosting

    Have your shiny new website taken care of and supported by a WordPress specialist (me!)

    Let's get started!

    Next Steps


    Click the button below to get in touch about what package your are interested in and tell me a bit about your project


    Let’s jump on a 25-min Discovery Call and discuss your project.


    If we both feel like we are a good fit, I will prepare a proposal for your new website. It will contain your contract and outline the work to be completed.


    Once you have accepted the proposal you will receive an invoice to pay the initial deposit. This get’s your project started and ensures your place in my design queue.


    We get started!
    Thank you for your consideration. If there are any questions you have about my packages, services or work, please get in touch.


    Still Unsure?

    Not sure what package suits you or what you need from your website?
    Get in touch for a free 25 min discovery call and we’ll work it out together.
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    Common questions asnwered


    This is important because if we are a good fit we will both get the best out of the project.


    To begin with, I recommend you check out my website and social media, stalk me a bit if you want. See if what I say and what I do resonates with you.


    Next, let's have a chat. I believe the best way to know if we are a good fit is to talk it out; talk about your business, what you need and how I can help. Plus just have a chat and see if we get along.


    The clients I choose to work with:

    • Understand that planning a website and creating a design takes time.
    • Trust my experience and expertise.
    • Are open to new ideas, feedback and suggestions.
    • Respect my time and boundaries.
    • Understand that this is also a collaboration and requires timely input from you.

    BTW the same goes for me as your Website Consultant:

    • My work will be timely and efficient (but not rushed).
    • I will respect your business, your experience and expertise.
    • I will be open to feedback.
    • I will respect your time and boundaries.
    • I will collaborate with you to get the best result for your website.

    The Consultation Call happens after we have decided to work together.


    It differs from the initial Discovery Call that we may have prior to a proposal. While a Discovery Call looks at your business needs and requirements to get an understanding of your project, the Consultation Call delves deeper. We talk through all aspects of your website; the design, the functionality, any special features. We also plan out the next steps, talk about what you need to provide and how we are going to move forward together.

    Yes you can. However, if the new features or functionality falls outside of the scope of work already agreed to, I will prepare a new proposal to cover the work and discuss options with you.

    That's why it's a "from" price. If you need more pages on any of the packages, we will discuss this and work out the best solution.


    If, as we go along, it's discovered that you need more pages we will discuss this and whether there should be a Change Budget.



    Your new website is an investment, and like any investment (such as your house, your car, even those awesome new shoes etc) you need to take care and maintain it. If you don't have the time, the technical know-how or the desire to maintain your website, I offer Website Care.


    Taking out Website Care means you will have a WordPress specialist (that's me!) making sure your website is always running in tip-top condition.

    Don't worry if you haven't registered your domain yet, I can totally help you with that.


    I can recommend who to purchase your domain through, as well as give you advice on best practices for domains.


    I have extensive experience with domain names, particularly in the Australian market. I can help with advice about where to purchase your domain as well as best practices when it comes to Google and marketing.

    If you would like me to organise and manage quality hosting for your new website, Managed WordPress hosting with SSL certificate is part of my Website Care programs. Find out more about website care and hosting.


    And if you would like to organise your own hosting I can give your recommendations, plus I can deduct the cost of my hosting from the Website Care program for you.

    During a website build and launch I adhere to SEO best practices to help your website appear in Google search results. I also use a premium SEO plugin.


    For more information see SEO.